Activists Urge Wake Schools to Become Safe Zones for Undocumented Students

Activists Urge Wake Schools to Become Safe Zones for Undocumented Students

A far-reaching coalition of activists will urge Wake County school board members at a Tuesday meeting to make each of its schools a “safe zone” for undocumented students.

Board members received notification in a Friday email from than two-dozen social justice and immigration rights groups including El Pueblo, Great Schools in Wake, and the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children. School board member Jim Martin said Friday that he was aware of the fear many undocumented families are experiencing but added that the protections the coalition requests are covered under school board policy, federal guidelines, and Supreme Court rulings.

“We request that WCPSS evaluate and revise its enrollment procedures to ensure documentation requirements, such as proof of residency, guardianship, and records, do not discriminate against undocumented families or have a detrimental effect on their enrollment in school,” the group’s letter reads. “With respect to the chilling effect that potential immigration enforcement actions are having on children’s ability to meaningfully participate in school, we also urge WCPSS to become a Safe Zone and make a public statement opposing the presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on WCPSS’s campuses, near school bus sites, or in any way using the public school system to carry out immigration enforcement actions such as interrogations, detentions, or deportations.”

Additional involved groups include such established progressive nonprofits as the N.C. Council of Churches, the N.C. Justice Center, and the Youth Organizing Institute.…

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