Wildin Acosta's Immigration Case Has Been Continued to December

Wildin Acosta's Immigration Case Has Been Continued to December

Leaving a Charlotte immigration court on Tuesday, Wildin Acosta felt like he could breathe again.

It was a far cry from how he felt yesterday when he was unsure whether a judge who denies 82 percent of asylum cases would deny his as well, sending him to what he considers a certain death in his native Honduras, and even from this morning when he and his mother rose at three and prayed that God would see him through his court appearance.

Tuesday morning, Judge Stuart Couch continued Acosta’s case until December 5, buying him at least two more months in the country where he has lived for three years and bringing some relief — even if it may be temporary — to a stressful and uncertain ordeal that began when Acosta was detained by immigration officers on his way to school in January 2016.

Acosta was due to appear in front of Couch in late August, but that hearing was postponed.

“I want to emphasize that I have granted two continuances because you asked for it,” Couch told Acosta, “but, sir, it is time to get your case resolved.”

Reporters and friends of Acosta’s were allowed to sit in on his hearing, typically a closed proceeding, at Acosta’s request.…

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